This API reference documentation was automatically generated using the Autodoc Sphinx extension.

Autodoc automatically processes the documentation of Mitsuba’s Python bindings, hence all C++ function and class signatures are documented through their Python counterparts. Mitsuba’s bindings mimic the C++ API as closely as possible, hence this documentation should still prove valuable even for C++ developers.

The documentation is split into three-submodules:

  • Core API Reference: Core functionality that is not directly related to rendering algorithms.

  • Render API Reference: Interfaces of components like rendering algorithms, sensors, emitters, textures, participating media, etc.

  • Python API Reference: Higher-level functionality that is written in Python: infrastructure for automatic differentiation, testing (Chi^2 test), etc.


The documentation was extracted from the scalar_rgb variant of the renderer. Other variants will use different types in many function and attribute signatures. Such changes should mostly be “obvious” from the context. For example, scalar_spectral will replace all RGB types by color spectra, and gpu_rgb will replace scalar floating point values with Enoki CUDA arrays, etc.